Language Teachers

Languages are quite possibly the most important subjects taught in schools. Language facilitates communication, the essence of understanding and interpreting what others have to say. Language teachers, therefore, serve a pivotal role in the development of a child. According to certain syllabuses, one to three languages maybe offered to the students. These help not only in the intellectual development of a child, but they create awareness about different cultures, customs, and practices associated with the particular language being taught.

The role of language teachers is unrivaled. Both English as well as regional language education is extremely important in a country like India that proudly boasts of 22 official languages. Due to this significance of language teaching, it is important to examine the situations of the teachers of these subjects. What is their career like? What facilities do they lack and what opportunities are given to them?

Why Is Language Teaching Important?

Languages, as mentioned before, are the most integral tools for communication. It facilitates the sharing and expression of ideas, thoughts and beliefs. The Centre for Economics and Business Research and Opinion conducted a study where experts analyzed how language can impact children’s lives and the role it plays in everyday life. Antonella Sorace, professor of developmental linguistics and director of bilingualism matters at Edinburgh University said, “We believe that language learning is hugely beneficial for children’s development and it’s a real investment for the future.”

The study involved a survey of 2,001 parents with children under the age of 18, along with another survey of more than 500 business leaders. From the results of the study several conclusions were drawn. About the inferences, Sorace said, “Children who are exposed to different languages become more aware of different cultures, other people, and other points of view. They also tend to be better than monolinguals at multitasking and are often more advanced readers.”

The importance of language learning is nothing new. Therefore, language teachers are an essential tool in the development of the nation. Proper training for teachers will thus ensure that students get the right guidance in languages that they may be unfamiliar with.

Opportunities For Language Teachers

The opportunities for language teachers. These include The Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Program For International Teachers (Fulbright DAI), The Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program, A.S.Hornby Educational Trust scholarships, The Teach For India Fellowship program and other scholarships, fellowships and grants.

Additionally, there are many associations and groups for language teachers. These allow an open sharing of ideas and intellectual experiences. Language teachers are also in great demand due to the increasing cultural diversity in the world. This further opens up several options for them, including online tutoring, tuitions, exam training and so on.

Pay Scales Of Language Teachers

The phrase ‘language teachers’ encompass a variety of groups including teachers of regional and foreign tongues. As a result, stating a salary range can prove to be difficult. It depends on a range of factors, such as the popularity of the language and the level of students being taught. However, on average, language teachers could make ₹20,000 to ₹65,000 per month depending on these aspects and others. However, language teaching in India and many other places in the world are financially encouraging. As a result teaching languages, and in particular foreign languages like French, Spanish, German and Mandarin, could in most cases be the reason for a higher pay.

As the world continues to become increasingly connected, learning a new language is seen as a necessity rather than a hobby. In most professions, bilingual job seekers are preferred over applicants without additional language skills. language teachers, are therefore extremely important for a country’s progress into a more acceptable and understanding form. They shape the way that citizens of India and valued in the global sphere. And what’s more, they help to amp up the employability of their students.