Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Teacherr charge for applying or posting a Job

A)We don’t charge any applicant to apply for any job posting. Unless the applicant chooses a few specific premium features provided by another third party of Teacherr. Similarly, for employers, we don’t charge for initial few job posting but charges might be applied based on the number of job posting and other premium features utilized by the employer. To know more reach us at [email protected]

2. What are the types of jobs that I can find on Teacherr

A) We at Teacherr have a wide range of jobs available for educators looking for Part-time, Full-time, Freelancing, and other similar types of jobs.

3. Is it compulsory for me to register to apply or contribute anything on Teacherr platform

A)Yes, User registration mandates for any kind of contribution (Post news, like comment, share a post or job post, attend an event, publish a blog post).

4. Is Teacherr liable for the job description or salary or any information of that matter posted by another third party

A)No, we primarily verify the genuinity of any third party that gets involved with us. Even then there might be few chances of errors happening for which Teacherr is not responsible or liable.

5. Does Teacherr help in providing transparency throughout the recruitment flow

A) Yes, Teacherr provides all necessary features to the employer for easy communication to the respective applicant. Though Teacherr does not take it as a responsibility.

6. Can I conduct any online sessions for my colleagues

A)Yes, any educator can host an event for any fellow members on the platform. The mode of the session will be detailed by the host owner in his/her event details.

7. I don’t have a resume can Teacherr help me do that

A)Yes, at Teacherr we don’t ask for any resumes rather we help the user to articulate the user background to be displayed in a structured manner using our profile form. The profile form can later be downloaded as a resume.

8. How do I make sure that Teacherr does not sell my data to third parties

A)At Teacherr we follow a stringent process to protect any kind of data that’s being collected from any user from our platform. Though our effort is at the fullest Teacherr is not primarily responsible for any kind of data leakage.

9)My friend is working in a school can he refer me to the job through Teacherr portal

A)Yes, your friend can refer.

10. Why should I provide my phone number

A)User’s phone number is one of the primary parameters for user authentication.

11. Why should I trust our job listing platform

A)The job list which has been displayed is officially posted by educational institutes and other third-party groups which are vetted with some primary filtering.

12. I got placed in a school and I want to thank Teacherr portal, how do I do that

A)User can always share their valuable feedback on our portal and also help us grow by sharing your feedback with your other colleagues.

13. How do I talk to one of Teacherr team members

A)User can anytime contact us through [email protected]

14.Does Teacherr provide a job guarantee

A)No, Teacherr is a platform for educational institutes and Educator to connect and grab any employment opportunities (if required). Teacherr doesn’t hold any accountability for job guarantee through our platform or any other third party services.

15. What does Teacherr get out of this service

A)Impact! We are a bunch of fellow students who are trained by educators like you to get employable. Through this portal, we are helping our educators to have the same luxury we had or have.

16. Do Teacherr store and miss use our data

A)No, we would always be transparent to users about their personal information and follow standard practices of protecting the user data.

17. Why are that most of the buttons directly to the registration

A)Our platform usually encourages teachers to contribute to their community and also explore without any restriction. For this, we have to identify the genuinity of being a teacher through login.

18. How does Teacherr exactly help me in recruiting teachers

A)If you are an Institute then you can create a login Id and Password on the name of your institute, fill up your profile details and post your role requirements. Based on the number of applicants who apply for the role you can interview and hire the candidate.

19. What is the general process to recruit a candidate from Teacherr

A) You create an institute profile, fill up the details and post your requirements. Depending upon the number of applicants apply for your role you can filter, interview and hire them.

20. Does Teacherr have an involvement in my recruitment process

A)No, Teacherr is a community and networking platform helping educators and institutes to connect better.

21. I had a terrible experience with the website how should I report

A)We apologise for the inconvenience caused. We are constantly looking out for our error to rectify and serve you better. YOu can report the error you had in our contact us page or mail us at [email protected]

22. I found a miss behaving candidate from Teacherr where should I report on him

A)You can write about the candidate on our contact us page or mail us the details of the issue to [email protected]

23. Does Teacherr do any kind of filtering process

A)No, Teacherr is a community and networking platform helping educators and institutes to connect better. The filtering process to completely taken care of by the respective institutes.

24)Does Teacherr conduct any assessment for Teacherr for an initial round of filtering

A)Teacherr would connect your profile to the institute and further steps are taken care of by educational institutes.

25. How to know more about Teacherr

A)You can go to the About Us tab and get more information.

26. How to contact Teacherr

A)You can go to contact us tab and write your concern or directly mail us at [email protected]

27. What does Teacherr do

A) Teacherr\'s objective is to provide a platform for educators and institutes to connect and communicate better.

28. What is the registration procedure

A) You can visit our registration page and fill up the details to get registered. You can also register on our platform through Gmail or Facebook account.

29. I believe there are other problems that Teacherr can solve, how can I convey such ideas to Teacherr team

A)We are glad that you are helping us to help you better. You can either contact us using our contact us page or directly mail us at [email protected]

30. I find so many bugs or errors in the recruitment process how should I contact Teacherr to convey the same

A)We are happy that you are helping us to strengthen our process. You can always contact us through the contact us page or directly mail us at [email protected]

31) Can I negotiate on the salary part

A)As an applicant, during the recruitment process, you can negotiate the salary part. Teacherr is not related to the salary settings of any employer on our platform.

32. Is Teacherr responsible for the punctuality of the candidate to the interview

A)No, Teacherr just provides an employability platform for job seekers but never take any kind of responsibility on any matter.

33.Need help with using the website

A) User can always refer to the FAQ tab for any assistance or can reach us anytime at [email protected]

34. What is the process of getting a job on Teacherr company

A) You can go to our careers page and apply for the desired available profile.

35. Can Teacherr help me in my other technical related issues

A)Yes, depending upon the kind of issue the user is facing. Do contact us to know more about the solution we offer in terms of any technical issue.

36. How to access the homepage

A)User has to click the Home icon which is onto the left top corner side of the screen.

37.Homepage not loading

A)Try refreshing the page or Re-login or reach us by going to contact us.

38. How to go to the login page

A)You can visit our website Teacherr.in and click on the Login or SignUp page to the top right corner. It will redirect you to the login page.

39)Unable to log in

A)User has to check his/her user credential before logining or User can contact us at [email protected]

40)How to apply filters on the job listing page

A)You have to log in to access the job tab. The user would find filter section to the right side of the page where you can set the filter according to their preference and the searching happens automatically.

41)What are the options in filters

A)You can filter the jobs based on Experience / Location / Salary range / Board / Subject and the type of job Full time/Part-time/Remote Jobs.

42)How to know about Teacherr

A)Glad that you want to know about us. You can visite teacherr.in/about-us.

43) Did Teacherr get any Media mentions

A)We did get published in many local news channels, print media and also in other national media channels. Visit our teacherr.in/about-us to know more.


1. What does feed page mean

A)Feed page is all about sharing, updating, knowing all the different kinds of news, information from various other colleagues like you.

2. How should I use the feed page

A) Feed page is primarily used to share information with anyone from anywhere without any demographic boundaries. Once logged in you can access any number of posts and also you can post any contact, image, video.

3. How do I post my content, image, video

A) You can click on the respective icon on the feed page, once it’s done loading then you can post them.

4.I’m not able to share, like or comment any posts

A) If you are not able to like, share or comment on any posts, then probably should first get registered in Teacherr.in then you will get access to like, share and comment. I registered already, try to refresh the page.

5. What are posts and what is feed page

A) Posts could be the opinions, activities or anything that another user wants to share with his community and a feed page is a collection of such posts.

6.How to like / share / comment / post a feed

A) You will find like, share, the comment just below every post which are clickable.

7. How to delete a post

A) You can delete posts generated or shared by you from your ‘My Posts’ section. To delete the posts shared or generated by other you have to report first and then according to the issue, the Admin team would delete if needed.

8.Unable to like/share/comment/post a feed

A)Until you are a registered user, you cannot like /share/comment/ post.

9. Can I create a new applicant account with the same number

A)No, you will get verified with an OTP through registered number, so you cannot.


1. Is it mandatory for us to create a profile to apply for jobs

A)Yes, If you provide a profile with all the correct details, it will help you to get a job in your preferred field and school.

2. How do I change my account password

A)You can click on the dropdown, at the top right corner on your profile pic, you can find account settings there > change password. Or you can directly go to this site: teacherr.in/password-change

3. How do I remove my account from Teacherr

A)For now, you can remove your account by emailing to [email protected] In a short time, we are going to release version

4with an option for removing the account from your settings.

A)A detailed profile will help your application to get highlighted and easily approachable for school looking out for your skills.

5. How to report a user

A)For now, you can report a user by emailing us their Name and DOB to [email protected] In a short time, we are going to release version

6with an option for reporting the account from your settings.

A)The profile percentage bar signifies the completeness of your profile with your details. Which is one of the primary parameters to review you job application.


1. I’m XXXXX and XXXXX graduate will I find a job from your site

A)You can find a job related to education based upon the requirements of the institutes through our site.

2. Does Teacherr provide any job alert system for the job role that I’m interested in

A)Yes, Teacherr does provide a job alert system based on your location, subject and skills through WhatsApp or SMS or email or general notification.

3. I got duped on saying they will guarantee a job for me what should I do

A)Remember that Teacherr never charges through any third party for any kind of jobs or other related works. For now, you can report that on that user and the details of the incident to [email protected], our team will you soon.

4. How should I contact the school directly for my next rounds

A)Usually, once your profile is shortlisted the school would call you based on their time compatibility. Hence, we request you to wait for a while if you think it\'s been a long time then you can mail us the details of the school and your job application details we will help you.

5. Can I get some tips on how to post a job and go on with the recruitment process


6) First, you to register yourself as an institute will all relevant details.

A)Sorry for your experience. You can send us the list of candidates that have failed to turn up for the interview without intimation we will take the necessary action and convey the same.

7. How many job posts can I post in a month

A)For now, you can post up to

8jobs per month without any payment but for more than

A)Yes, all the fields are mandatory to fill for authentication and verification purposes.

9.) My job application status is still the same from the past many weeks what should I do

A)Usually, we emphasize on institutes to update the status of the job applicants. For now, you can mail us the details and we will update you the status change.

10. I got my offer but I’m not interested in joining the school how do I handle such situations

A)Well, congrats for getting hired. But if you are not interested in joining the school make sure you mail then or convey the message. If failed to do so then your profile might get reported and put up for our eradication review.

11. Is the salary negotiable for the job role

A)The salary is not decided by Teacherr rather it is in the control of the institute.

12. What does expiry date on job posts mean

A)Every job post that you do will get closed automatically on the Tenth day from the date of posting the job.

13. What do the Actions and Status mean in my dashboard

A)The Action is the current status of the job posts that you as an institute have posted and Status is an option for you to change the status of the job post from active to hold or delete or vice-versa. You can also edit/delete/ hold your job posting.

14. What kind of job roles can I post in Teacherr

A)You can any job role that fits into the category of Educators.

15. Should the salary range be precise

A)Yes, because the salary range is considered to be one of the main criteria for any job role. If failed to do so there would be consequences.

16. How can I find only relevant job roles

A)You got an option of adding filters to the required role you are looking up to the right side of the job listing page.

17. I got hired but the school hasn’t issued any offer letter to me yet what should I do

A)If you get a verbal confirmation then also make sure you ask for an email confirmation with your offer letter. If they failed to do so then please contact us to [email protected] and detail all the information we will help you.

18. I found the school to be miss representing the details of the job role

A)Sorry for the experience you went through, please mail us the details and we will take the necessary action to be taken on the school.

19. How to see the job detailed page

A)Click on the job role posted, you will be sent to the job details page.

20. How to withdraw a job

A)For now there is no option for application withdrawal but instead, you can directly let the institute know during your telephonic round.

21. What can I do to enhance the applicant count for my job role

A)There is an N number of parameters to make your job posting enhanced. For now fill in all details, input correct details, try increasing the salary range or other perks.

22. Who is posting the jobs

A)Usually, after a few authentication steps, any institutes/schools/organization can join on our platform and start posting jobs.

23. What kind of guidelines should I follow before posting a job role

A)Make sure that you are aware of the particular role you posting and provide correct details about your institute.

24. Will I be able to see the applicant list after the expiry date of job post

A)No, you won’t be able to see the applicants after the expiry date.

25. How to apply without registering

A)You won’t be able to apply for any job post before registering to Teacherr.in .

26. I did my degree in other areas of education I am still eligible for a job in the teaching field

A)Maybe, it\'s usually the institute or organization that post their requirements. If you any relevant job role then you can apply but there is no restriction as such for such other education degrees.


1. How to blog?

A) Follow the below steps: 1. Log in or sign up for Teacherr.in 2. Pick a blog name. Choose something descriptive and start writing.

1. Can I blog without registering

A)No, You can\'t blog without registering to Teacherr.in .

2. How do I submit my blogs or articles to Teacherr to display it on blogs page

A)First, get registered on our platform then go to the blog page then click on the “Write a post” button.

3. What happens after I submit the blog article

A)Once you submit your blog our team review for any required changes then post it on the blog page within a few hours.


1.How to host an event

A)Go to events click on host an event and fill up the details, picture and price if required about the event you’re hosting about and submit.

2.How to delete the posted event

A)Go to the event you hosted and click delete.

3.How make it visible to know people

A)You can share the event (Infeed and through whatsapp as well) and let it visible to your followers.

4.How to check the event details

A)Click on the event you have to look into.

5.How to delete the posted event

A)Only the owner of the event has the authority to edit/delete the event posted. The user can do it on the same page with the given option for edit and delete.


1.Has page broken

A)Sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are constantly working on how to fix our issues. Give us some time we will revamp it and you will be able to use it. Thanks for your understanding. Or mail us at [email protected]

2.The page is not loading

A)Sorry for the inconvenience caused. First try refreshing the page if the issue persists then give us some time we will revamp it and you will be able to use it. Thanks for your understanding. Or mail us at [email protected] if you think it’s neccessary.