Students are often better at reception of information or lessons that give both image as well as audio. They respond more positively, pay more attention and it registers in their mind for a longer period of time. YouTube is one of the largest platforms and the commonest android and web friendly application that gives you access to a million videos ranging a variety of subjects for almost free of cost. There are certain features that require a premium access, but most of the features are user friendly and free. It is also one of the best boons of technology for teachers, students and in fact any curious person out there. YouTube also has various channels that can aid in enhancing the skills of a teacher. Here are some of the most popular YouTube channels that you would immediately love if teaching is your passion.


Even though “Teachers” is not an official YouTube channel it is more of a playlist that consists of a variety of videos that relate to the field of education. It has over 57,837 subscribers and includes a collection of educational videos such as ‘Fundamental theories of Algebra’, ‘Introduction to Plate Tectonics’, ‘Figurative Language’ and so on. The video collection gives emphases to the mostly High School scholastic content. Teachers can share these videos with students in class or even send it to them in their class mail so that they can refer with these in addition to what is taught in class.

Check out the channel!


If you’re looking for the Utopia of education and knowledge, you sure can find it on You Tube! Edutopia has over 98,000 subscribers on YouTube. Edutopia provides more of practical educational activities for the age group of 7 to 12.  They also focus more on extra-curricular activities that can be done in a classroom for the age group such as ‘Strategies for meditation’, ‘Creative a positive learning environment’, etc. Videos on ‘How much homework is too much?’, ‘Methods to boost student memory’, ‘Anatomy of student bullying’ gives an insight to teachers helping them to improve as educators empathetically as well. Check out the channel!


Have Fun Teaching provides videos on worksheets, activities, songs and videos for toddlers. Most of the videos focus on the age group of 4 to 7. They have entertaining fun filled videos that help little kids grasp letters and words affectively. Have Fun Teaching has over 783, 999 subscribers on YouTube. Their content mostly involves ‘Alphabet songs’, ‘Planet songs’, ‘Season songs’ etc. They also provide a range of video songs that create an environmental awareness in kids such as ‘Going Green Song, ‘Weather Song’, etc. Check out the channel for fun filled content for little kids!


‘Khan Academy Teachers’ is the perfect channel for tutors that entirely centres on how to advance yourself as a teacher. The channel has over 14,001 subscribers on YouTube. This platform offers you the opportunity regardless of time and the grade of teacher you are, to brush up the existing skills and polish your career as a teacher. They provide video sessions on topics such as ‘How to develop a proper assignment?’, ‘How to set up a class?’, ‘How to use the masterly learning system?’ etc. Check the channel for more information!


Pocketful of Primary is a YouTube channel that has over 193,431 subscribers. They provide a variety of creative videos that are mostly interactional. Their content includes videos on ‘Instructional games for classrooms’, ‘Math through bakery’ etc. The channel has also a set of video titled ‘Come teach with me’ series where Michelle, a fourth grade teacher shares her personal reviews on classroom activities and experiences. The channel is expected to be helpful for primary to middle school teachers. Check out the channel!

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