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Teacher Tools: What Should Go in Your Survival Kit?

New journeys are very nerve-wracking to start because of all the adrenaline pumping through our veins. A new journey can be anything. Such a journey is the same with teachers when they start their teaching jobs, without any teacher tools apart from their degree.

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Nervousness and excitement fill them because they soon are going to become the mentors of the future of a nation. Moreover, they become the ones to polish raw human beings into personalities that will make an impact.

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Teaching is a job that is underrated but it is something that requires lots of courage, a lot of motivation and lots of refining. Becoming a teacher is easy but becoming a better teacher takes practice and experience. So, if you are a new teacher, here are some tips and tricks to give your new adventure, a perfect start. These teacher tools will help you start your satisfying journey.

Teacher Tools #1: Don’t Get Nervous!

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It is the first of the teacher tools’ guide. Nervousness is healthy but being uncomfortable, freezing out isn’t.

It is inevitable that when something new approaches, one gets nervous and it is completely okay to get so. But the catch is how you handle that nervousness! All you need is to take a deep breath, let the air in your surroundings fill you, and let all your tension out. Just see the faces around and think what relation you will be held with them in the coming years or months. Holding yourself is the biggest thing that you can do to make your first day a better one.

Teacher Tools #2: Give It Your Best!

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Teaching is a job which requires 200% each and every day and no one can compromise with it. Though breaks are important but you must ensure that your students are on the same page as you. Also, if you want the best out of your students, you should also reciprocate with your best. And best doesn’t mean implying workload on students and never letting them breathe. For more information about how to bring out the best out of your students, refer to the article, ‘Bringing Out the Best In Students’

Teacher Tools #3: Take Time to Blend In

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It is not a surprise that you will find yourself in a strange place with different kinds of people around you. You will also feel isolated by your circumstances but you need to realize that it is about time that you fully blend in with the environment you are currently in. A change in life will always put you out of your comfort zone and you have to deal with it in order to progress further in life!

Teacher Tools #4: Talk and Meet Others  

Relations outside your classroom are as important as the ones which are within the classrooms. Having a decent relationship with others will help you in each and every aspect of your career. You can surround yourself with experienced teachers and learn from them. More than that, having a small friend circle gives you someone who can hear your problems and advice on the same. An important relationship with your coordinator is also important. So, make sure you don’t miss this part.

Teacher Tools #5: Dealing with the Stress

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A new job is likely to bring a lot of stress and pressure along with it. It is so because the workload is something that you’ll be experienced for the first time and also, there will be a lot of emotions that you will be going through. Usually, with all this going on, you’ll find yourself frustrated with your condition but that is not permanent and will change with time. You need to manage your time effectively and in a productive way. For more ways, must read the article ‘How to Deal with Stress and Pressure.’

Mistakes are okay, only if you improve on them.
Being a beginner means all your mistakes and blunders will be waived off but this does not mean that you continue to commit them. These mistakes add up to your experiences, and you must learn from them. In that way, you’ll grow progressively.

Teacher Tools #6 Effective Teaching 

Teaching requires hard work but, in this era, it requires more of smart work than the hard one. There will be times when your smart work will carry much more weight than your hard work. Learn from your surroundings, from your fellow teachers and even from your own students. If you keep up your learning process up, you will certainly become one of the effective teachers. Also, for further reference, you can check out 7 Effective Teaching Strategies For The Classroom.

Teacher Tools #7: Know Student Psychology  

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It is very important that you should know your students. It is obvious that not every student is the same. So, try a little bit of interaction with your students in person. Know their family background, their past and things that they think. What this will do is that it will help you to know them and in return, teach them better. You can also engage in games in your class sometimes. To get ideas for teacher-student games to play in class, go to Teacher-Student Games: Top 10 Picks.

So, these were some interesting ideas about how you should start your adventurous journey. The stress and pressure it will bring will debilitate you but the motivation from your surroundings, from your students and from within to do something in this career will make you do wonders. However, there is still a point lest that you should know.

Teacher Tools #8: Don’t Quit Early

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All the feels this job brings, it brings alongside the premonition of you failing from time to time. But the key is to stay in the game. You are new and a beginner so there’s a lot to learn still. Keep yourself intact with other teachers and don’t lose your motivation.

There will be enormous support that will get as your fellow teacher, your students and your family will back you up. Be open to changes and the stage is only yours. Failures are inevitable, and from this, you must learn from the most. So, keep this in mind and don’t ever GIVE UP!

I hope you will consider these points while beginning your new career. We, at Teacherr, wish you a very successful journey. I sincerely do hope that you become a great teacher.

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