Post-Retirement Opportunities for Teachers

Teachers! Are you worried about your retirement? In the past, retired teachers had very few options. However, in the 21st century, retired teachers are considered icons of knowledge and skill. There are numerous academies looking for post-retirement teachers to take up administrative professions. These require the wisdom and experience that only a career in teaching can offer. The professional life as a teacher would definitely have gifted you with skills that are required for various other fields. So, we at Teacherr bring you a few options for teachers who are looking forward to an active post-retirement lifestyle!

Become A Consultant

Becoming a consultant is various fields might seem like a limitation. This is especially true with regard to the specialization you took as a teacher. Nonetheless, you could be the perfect consulting personality for someone who is looking for teaching in your field or looking forward to research in the subject you have specialized as a teacher. You can expand your reach by creating your own website or blog. Moreover, you can earn independently by providing relevant information for a fee. This gives you the option to spend more time at home while still being active in your area of expertise.

You can also be a consultant to companies that require the assistance of an experienced teacher. There are plenty of government groups and non-profit organisations that may be looking for a proper guidance. Therefore, being a former teacher gives you the opportunity to render your knowledge to them.

Career Guidance Coach

Becoming a career guidance coach post-retirement is one among the many options. There might be students who look forward to becoming teachers. This will thus be best opportunity for you to guide them in the right path. Furthermore, you will be able to motivate them to choose their passion.


Tutoring is the next amazing thing for a retired teacher. Here, your skills can be put to optimum use to help a child who needs that extra help. Tutoring also means flexible timing! Instead of seven or eight hours a day like in school, here, you can reduce the hours to maybe one to two hours of tutoring. Bonus: tutoring is a position that pays very well!

Become An Editor/Writer/Translator

Writing and editing jobs are plenty to be found in your post-retirement stage. If you are a retired English or Language teacher, this post suits you the best. There are various companies, research scholars and writers who look out for experienced individuals to edit their works. Often, they turn to language teachers. This area also includes translation jobs.

Expand Your Knowledge Through Research

It’s refreshing to put on the hat of a student once the tiring days of work are over. Learning is a never ending process. Moreover, this time is best for expanding your knowledge base. Learning is something that is limitless. In fact, it is one of the best ways to transit from your previous career into something in a similar field. Additionally, it can serve to be personally beneficial.

Professional Speaker

Being a teacher for such a long period of time gives you the natural gift of being a confident speaker. You will surely know the do’s and don’ts of being a good speaker, and it would’ve become perfected over time. Sharing your experience and helping young speakers to be more confident is one way to keep your retirement life more productive and active.

Do you have any other ideas on post-retirement opportunities that a teacher can take up? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below! Meanwhile, check out our articles on the importance of learning and time management for more useful teaching tips!

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