How To Deal With Stress At Work
Dealing with students all day and catering to their needs is indeed a challenging and excruciating job! At the end
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OTET 2019: We Have You Covered!
Trying to embark on a teaching journey in Odisha? Worry not, we are here to guide you through the process.
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The Secret To Teaching An Unresponsive Class
Teachers! Let’s get down to business, shall we? Gosh, I know how frustrating it gets when your class is ridiculously
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Bond Between A Teacher and A Student
The bond between teachers and their students can have a lasting impact on the development of a child. Having strong
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staff room
The Staff Room: July 27 – August 2
Hello teachers. Another week, another update. Last week’s news was very interesting, I’m still not over how a teacher slept
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Should Teachers Talk About Personal Matters?
Teachers! Sometimes we hear students complain about how teachers go on and on about their personal matters in class. Now,
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teacher-student games
Teacher-Student Games: Top 10 Picks
Teachers, how can you make studies interesting for students? How can you do it in a way that sharpens their
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give and take
The Concept Of ‘Give And Take’ In Learning
Teachers! Let’s discuss a wonderfully novel concept. On second thought, it may not be all that new, but it is
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feedback loops
Importance Of Feedback Loops
Teachers, have you heard of feedback loops? If you haven’t, you’re in the right place! Feedback loops play an important
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teaching methods and strategies
Teaching Methods and Strategies
Before I begin, we’ve got a Part I for this article and a Part II! Check out our first List
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