Five Methods For A Good Teacher-Student Bond

Sometimes, connecting with your students and developing a bond with them isn’t the easiest thing in the world. As a teacher, you’d probably like to establish a great connection with all your students through a variety of methods like delivering top-notch classes or offering personal help. However, if you are facing trouble in developing a secure teacher-student bond, we at Teacherr have come up with five foolproof ways to drive you to your goal.

Happiness is Key

Having a free, happy and refreshing atmosphere is key to any bond that seeks growth. It’s the same in the case of teachers and students! Teachers should try and create a friendly atmosphere for kids so that they feel you’re approachable when they experience times of need. If the teacher exhibits positive energy through their classes or conversations, students are more likely to feel more confident to approach them. Moreover, it helps them to open up about anything and feel understood.

Laugh It Out

Every kid loves a teacher who is lighthearted and has a good sense of humour. Everything becomes so much more fun and easy! Kids love a good laugh, especially if it happens in a classroom in the company of their friends. If teachers are able to loosen up, abandon their strict book of rules, and seek humour as a tool to make a point, it becomes more effective. Additionally, it’s received better than demanding something. However, humour does not mean mockery or sarcasm. Here, it refers to sharing an educative joke or transforming a concept into a meme. This will definitely link fun and education!

The Narrative

Sharing personal experiences that relate to a discussion in the classroom has proven to create a special teacher-student connection. Students create a bond of trust when the teacher shares something with them. It shows that they feel more free and relative in terms of being individual people. Narrations of stories they’ve read, heard of, or even experienced, undoubtedly help to develop a bond between the student and the teacher.

Beyond Academic Success

You might have heard your teachers say, “It is not just about how successful you become academically, but how successful you become in living your life.” It’s very true! Knowing the specific and minute details of the background of each student is impossible. However, taking the trouble to find whether your students come from a safe, healthy environment can make a huge difference. This is especially reflected in the kind of productivity they show in the classroom. Helping out students beyond academics can teach you lessons of life that will remain cemented throughout. 

The Power of Understanding 

The process of developing a bond between a student and a teacher is ever-growing one. It mostly depends on our understanding quotient. Be it positive or negative growth, most of the time self-evaluation and comprehension of the situation is all it takes. Try your best to be an understanding teacher!

There you go! Employ these five methods in your classroom to develop an incomparable connection with your students. What are some other techniques that you use? Let us know in the comments! Meanwhile, check out our other helpful articles, including dealing with stress at work and teaching an unresponsive class.

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