About Us

Know more about us and find out why we are doing this.

"We are trying to build an exclusive community of teachers where teachers can find jobs, attend meetups, attend skill development workshops and connect with fellow teachers."

To reach as many Teachers and Aspiring teachers to enlighten them on the latest trends in the industry.
To make them feel comfortable choosing their roles by making it easier for them apply jobs.
To Inform  them  about the wonderful opportunities out there.
To Conduct Skill development Workshops and help them improve.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of people from diverse backgrounds with only one thing in common : extreme passion for educational sector.
This passion has resulted in an end to end platform to bring teachers from all over the country connect with each other and express themselves.

How can we help you?

  • We provide you with information regarding job openings at our various partner schools in and around hyderabad and we also guide you  on other international opportunities.
  • Our standardised tests would give teachers a constructive feedback on where they can improve.
  • Our mentorship programme would connect aspiring teachers to industry experts.
  • Our Workshops help teachers gain knowledge and develop important skills.
  • Our articles cover latest  information and trends in the teaching industry.